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In New York City for the Day?


International Lolita Day is June 5th, as I'm sure eveyone knows, and as NYC Lolitas plan out their activities and festivities -- including a picnic in Central Park -- I wanted to spread the word about an afternoon event I've been proud to put together with friends and fellow Lolitas from I Do Declare, Morrigan NYC, La Vida Frills, Lolita Charm, Pretty Wonderland, Tokyo Rebel, and Kinokuniya Bookstore.

On June 5th, starting at 2 PM, Kinokuniya Bookstore (1073 Avenue of the Americas) will be putting on three hours of Lolita fashion discussions. Discussions that that have been put together by and for our fellow Lolitas. We do a lot of Lolita gatherings and group trips around New York City, but what excites me is that I've been able to help Kinokuniya create an afternoon that celebrates elements of Lolita fashion as well as educates -- creating something that'll allow Lolitas to share their knowledge, insight, and passion with others.

Here are all the details...

Kinokuniya Lolita Fashion Day Schedule of Events

Lolitas in the Wired: Ever wanted to start a blog on Lolita or Japanese fashion? Not sure where to start? Prominent bloggers Dalin Rowell of La Vida Frills, Victoria Tignor of Lolita Charm, and Crystal Marlarsky of Pretty Wonderland discuss why they blog and how Lolita fashion has influenced them. 2-3 PM.

Lace, Thimbles and Pincushions: Join Kelsey Hine of I Do Declare and Zoh Rothberg of Morrigan NYC as they talk about sewing your own Lolita closet and the steps it takes to develop your own fashion brand. Learn about the skills you need to sew, sell, and run your own business. 3-4 PM.

Spoonful of Sugar: Long-time Lolita Bibi presents a discussion on Lolita history and aesthetics, along with mini-tutorials on adding Lolita touches to daily life. With a taste for all things old and fussy, she has been in love with Lolita fashion for over 10 years. To Bibi, being a Lolita is an exercise in aesthetic living and a fulfillment of a mid-youth crisis. 4-5 PM.

Café Zaiya Sweet Treats: Any customer who comes into Kinokuniya's Café Zaiya will receive free sweets in honor of International Lolita Day with their purchase.

Black X Pink Giveaway: Any customer who comes into Kinokuniya Bookstore at 1073 Avenue of the Americas on Saturday, June 5 can enter to win a $50 gift certificate to the Tokyo Rebel boutique located in the East Village, as well as one of two Lolita First Aid Kits, bags containing essentials that every Lolita should have. Contents inside the Lolita First Aid Kits will include items from Lolita brands I Do Declare and Morrigan NYC as well as Anna Sui, Magnolia Bakery, and Rose House. The giveaway is located beside Kinokuniya's cashier, and winners will be drawn at 5 PM, following the final Lolita Day presentation.

I do encourage anyone whose in the city that day to come to show their support for their fellow Lolitas, even if it is just for the giveaway.

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