Jeanine (j9isawesome) wrote in egl,

Trampolining Meetup Pictures

The trampoline meetup was a lot of fun. Hot and exhausting as expected but I think most of everyone had a good time. :) I took even more pictures than normal and really tried to narrow it down. The ones here are just my favorites but there are even more here:


We had a pretty big turnout. I like the how everyone responded to the trampoline issue (hot, dangerous for fancy clothes) with a wide variety of outfit. It will probably be the last time I see so many footless leggings and jean shorts at a lolita meetup ;)

Everyone had to sign waivers once we got in.

I suckered talked my friend into wearing lolita for the first (and probably last) time ever.

Shoe shots are so passé, it's all about the trampoline sock shots now ;)

chaos_rocker doing the splits.

I love that pure_terrorist had no idea she was bouncing around this small child that was crawling under her. Don't worry, he wasn't hurt.

There was lots of everyone falling down while laughing too hard to breath.

lovelyona looking cute in pink.

Break time, jumping is hard work.

Some in the group were better jumpers than others, this guy must have had a dash of pixie dust.

Time for a quick hair fix.

Watching from the side.

Then they had a hoedown, which was pretty hilarious.

Apparently trampolining wasn't enough exercise for some. DDR time.

Then we went to purikura in the mall.

The boys stayed outside like caged animals because they were scared of the overwhelming amount of pink and glitter.

Decorating the first batch of photos.

Inside the photobooth.

Decorating the second set of photos.

Forever 21 had giant bows.

A bunch of creepsters ;)

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