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New Lolita Help?

I'd like to start out by saying hi!  I'm Courtney, I'm a freshman in high school and I live in the mid-western US.  I've been following the lolita fashion since around mid 2008.  Pleased to meet you!!

Now, onto the real stuff~!!

After a good long time of lurking in all those pretty, frilly shops and lacing myself into and out of a few fashion choices, I'm ready to take the lolita plunge.  While I am very unreliable when it comes to sticking to a fashion choice (manba phase flashback!!  D=), I have watching the fashion grow for quite a while now and I'm excited.  Unfortunately so excited that I got sick adn was unable to sleep so I took to bed the past three days.  =(  Anyhow, now I need help!  I have a few key things in mind and I need opinions and recommendations.

1)Bodyline Shoe Suggestion
First of all, I am looking at buying these(www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp) in black and these(www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp) in white.  As far as I see it, brand and non-brand are fairly similar when it comes to shoes-everything is pleather!!  Hehe <3  Anyhow, other than bodyline being slightly looked down upon in lolita society, I've seen lovely reviews on their products and since I'm a new lolita, I'm willing to cheap out a bit.  =)  So basically, do you believe these are good starter shoes?

2)F+F Quality
Next, I would like to just start by saying, I am weary about f+f because I haven't seen many good reviews and their items seem rather...low quality.  That said, I would still like to order a few pairs of socks from there as well as this(www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-1643/Cutie-Lolita-Clock-Shape/Detail) bag and this(www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-1804/Industrial-Gothic-Classical-Flowers/Detail) necklace.  The prices seem rather fair, but if anyone has comments on the quality, I would appreciate it very much!

3)Skirt/Material Recommendations
I am a rather crafty person and I plan to go into the fashion business when I get older(perhaps even lolita coords-gasp!), so my plan is to sew quite a few of my things.  When I start out in lolita, though, which I guess will be about August/September 2010, I'd like to begin in cas-lolita and slowly branch into sweet by about New Years.  I know I am going to begin a few winter JSK projects(tartan, fur, corduroy, velvet, etc.), but I'd like recommendations on summer/fall skirt materials and maybe a few cheaper brands with cas-able(is that a word?  Hehe <3) skirts.

I was originally going to go with a model of bodyline in 35 cm(www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp), of which I have seen a lolita wear often, but I am now weary due to their reputation.  I have read many reviews and though they aren't on any models even similar to the one I'd like, they still scare me because they're all bad reviews.  ;(  I also have read that 35 cm is rather short for a panier, though it would measure rather well on me considering I'm about 5' 3".  So I'm asking for a first panier recommendation or if this bodyline petticoat is a good choice.  Also, I'd like a cupcake shape like the Angelic Pretty skirts and JSK/OPs have.

5)Wig Help
I am considering a wig because I have rather short hair and I like my cut, but a longer style would be more versatile for sweet lolita wear.  I am considering this(cgi.ebay.com/MACROSS-FRONTIER-SHERYL-pink-Long-Wavy-cosplay-wig-1D-7-/250593048653) piece.  I know it's a cosplay wig, but I was actually drawn to it for the colour and style as I have no idea who the character is.  I love the colour orange, but seeing as I wish to enter sweet lolita, that's not very good for a starter wig colour, so the pink with whispy orange high lights seemed ideal!  Plus I read a rather positive review on the seller and their products, plus they're very affordable!  So my question is wether this is a good investment or not.  Being a freshman, while this is cheap, your penny is my hundred doller bill.  =O

6)Misc. Questions
Do I need separate petticoats for baby doll-style dresses and my skirts?
Is it difficult to walk long distances in lolita? (I know Momoko did it, but that was a movie.  :P)
Do people look down on wigs?
Does anyone have a link to a good modifiable bodice pattern?

Whew.  Sorry for the large post guys!  Hopefully I can recieve a little help <3  Also~!  Thanks very very much in advance.  =)

p.s. I read through the rules, but if this violates anything, pleasepleaseplease do tell me so I don't repeat offence.  D=

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