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Lolita Panel help?

First, a little back-story...

Kajonk-a-con is small-to medium sized convention in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, where I live. For last year’s convention, I had suggested a Lolita Panel be held. They asked if I was willing to do it, but it was too close to the con to really plan anything. What little plans we had fell apart in our hands for this reason. It didn’t help that I got sick on the weekend of the con too -_-

But just the other day I got an email from the Panel Coordinator of Kajonk-a-con. She asked me if I was interested in the panel once again, since I had plenty of time to do it this round (The con is in November). I accepted.

The problem is, I know next to nothing about hosting panels. I’ve been to a few, so I know how it generally works, but I know nothing of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’.

So has anyone here held a Lolita panel? What kind of advice can you give me? Tips? Do and don’ts? Horror stories would be nice too, so I know what to avoid >_>

Thanks in advance!

Before you ask, no, neither I nor the Panel Coordinator have been able to find anyone else for the job. There IS the cosplay company that held the first Lolita Panel at Kajonk-a-con. But that was a cosplay company, and they didn't do very well (I was there). Besides, from what I heard, they’re not willing to host it again. I think everyone wants more accurate panel this time.
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