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Lolita Dress Design

Hello, I've been in love with the Lolita fashion for quite some time and have recently taken a much more active interest and decided to join the egl community! I really hope to learn a lot from the more experienced people here, so please give me lots of constructive criticism (a.k.a. criticism I can understand and work with)!

I really love drawing Lolita dresses. Now, I'm beginning to gather up a little more courage to see what people think about my designs so... Here it is! (The pic is BIG, but due to technical reasons I can't really make it smaller right now without making the drawing worse. Which is also why I wasn't able to actually color it... Sigh...)

I honestly have no idea if there is a similar design like this somewhere. As far as I know, I haven't seen a dress like this, but... Meh.

Anyway, I was thinking it would look good using black (the dark shaded areas and all the ribbons except the one on the beret, but the lace on the beret is black), white (the socks and sleeves of the dress), and a slightly darker shade of red (majority of the dress and the ribbon on the beret). The socks are more or less just plain white socks with a sort of 'choking' ribbon around the end. I myself have a lot of trouble keeping socks in place so I thought that was a pretty nice feature to have. By the 'changable' (yes, I spelled this wrong) label on my sock I mean it would be nice to have your own initials embroidered on the sock like that, hence the use of 'SL' which are my initials.

I think I've read somewhere that the really thick lace, like the one I used in my dress, tends to look very cheap but I thought it suited the dress nicely. What do you think? Is the thick lace not a good idea after all? Maybe a different color co-ordination would be better? I want to hear some general to specific opinions and/or criticism on the design so I can improve for my next drawings.
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