memz_x (memz_x) wrote in egl,

Wig questions

My boyfriend is going to wear a aristocrat outfit by mainly alice and the pirates and moi meme moitie, I was wondering, those who have done similar looks, have you gone with wigs or your own hair styled? This may seem like a pointless post but I'm interested to which he should go for. He doesn't want his pictures posted here, but if its needed I'll beg him ^^
He hasn't worn a wig before. His hair is long and dark red; but it gets greasy quickly and it is naturally curly. He chemically straightens it normally. I was just wondering what would look most professional? I always use my own hair, but hes just wondering if it would be better. I'll remove this post if its OT. Any advice would be great. Sorry I don't word things perfectly.. during writing this my brother was bothering me about why I'm vegetarian... OTL
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