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Bodyline order problems

Hello everyone,

I’m fairly new to Lolita and the community. I’m still trying to build up my wardrobe and I’ve heard some good reviews about Bodyline. So I’ve placed an order with them, but I’ve ran across some problems and wanted to know if anyone else has had any similar issues.

I placed my order and paid with PayPal on 05/02/10 and got an email the same day stating 

[Payment Method] PayPal
DHL package will be received on 2010-05-07
DHL Tracking NO. and URL will email you in next business day.

The email also listed all the items on my order and my mailing address. Then stated
Items in this order will be shipped within 1-2 days

I never received an email from DHL with my tracking number. I have still not received my order and the email stated I should have received it on 05/07/10. They took the money out of my paypal account the same day I placed the order so I’ve already paid for it. On 05/10/07 I still had not received anything so I contacted DHL trying to track my order. There was nothing that was scheduled to be delivered to my address. So I tried replying to the email from Bodyline asking for information regarding my package or a tracking number for my order and received the following response.

Please tell me your order with high numbers

When I went to reference the original email for an order number there is none. So I responded explaining there was no order number sent to me, but I gave them the PayPal Invoice ID and Transaction ID. I have not received a response from them yet and I’m getting very nervous because this is my first time ordering from this website and am not sure what to expect. If anyone has had any similar experiences please let me know what I should do next.


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