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Questions for a school project

I am so sorry this took me so long. (Lots of school work) I made a post asking to interveiw people afew months ago. I sadly id not get enough people would any of you be willing to answer for me?
Please answer the following questions and e-mail them to You’re answers are being used in a paper, about the effects of fashion on people and there views. I am using the underground fashions of Lolita, Kohna, Dandy and ect… as the main center of the paper. In all questions they will be called the ‘Study Fashion’ If you live or will be in the NYC area and wish to do a face to face interview please send me an e-mail with dates and time you can do it. Thank you so much for your help. If you have any questions please send me an e-mail. 
 Please fill out all of the below, if you do not wish to answer please type N/A. Please also include two photos. One of you in the Study fashion and one of you in your day to day wear. 
The study fashion you are wearing: (feel free to blank out your face.) 
Please answer all Question Yes or No along with a short explanation. Or N/A if you feel uneasy answering the question. 
1.) How long have you been wearing the Study fashion? 
2.) How did you learn about your study fashion? 
3.) How do you get your study fashion? 
4.) Do you feel any different about yourself n the fashion then out of it? 
5.) What draws you to wear the fashion? 
6.) About how many friends do you have that wear the study fashion (or ones much like it)? 
7.) Out of those friends how many did you know before wearing the study fashion? 
8.) If you had a choice would you wear your study fashion every day? 
9.) Do you wear any items (wigs, fake nails, fake lashes, ect…) in the study fashion that you would not wear with your day to day fashion? 
10.) Do you have any hobbies or habits now that you do not believe you would have if you did not wear the study fashion? 
11.) Are there actions you would not do wearing the study fashion that you would in your day to day clothes? 
12.) Have you had any problem in the Study fashion that you do not in your normal clothes? 
13.) Do people tend to treat you differently in the study fashion then out? 
14.) Do you find it harder to make friends, or find dates in the Study fashion? 
15.) What is your reason for wearing your Study fashion? 
16.) Could you give me 5-10 words about your study fashion your day to day fashion? 
17.) Do you mix items from your day to day fashion with your Study fashion(or the other way around)? If so, what short of items? If not, why not? 
18.) do you feel a connection with other people in your study fashion that you do not tend to feel with most people? 
19.) Do you feel there is an age you should stop wearing your study fashion at? 
20.) Please tell me any other information about your self and your fashion that I did not add up there. Is there any thing you wish people who do not wear your study fashion knew? 
Thank you so much for answer my Questions.


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