Leigha (annonnie_mighty) wrote in egl,

WIG: recommendation for thick wig & other questions

I am looking to buy my first wig.  I've looked up a lot of the tutorials in the memories (how to care for wigs, store them, wig caps, etc), but here's the dilemma:  I would like a wig that is thick enough at the top that I can wear large hairbows / head accessories without looking silly.  I have a small head and thin hair and usually can only wear some small pins in my hair without looking silly.  So I'm hoping that a wig that is thick at the scalp can solve this problem.

So basically, I am looking for recommendations for a very thick wig.   
I'd also like to add that I have been looking for wigs that have thick bangs and are curly to give that "thick" appearance, but it's been hard to tell from the official pictures on sites.  I've looked at a lot of reviews on the community for wigs, but very few of them mention the thickness of the wig or show it in action with hair accessories. 

I'm also a natural brunette, so I think I should stick to dark brown wigs but don't want any dark accessories to blend in.  I'm also on a budget and can't really afford an 80 USD wig at the moment.  I've always found responses to my newbie questions to be very helpful and welcome any replies and contributions.  Thank you!

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