The girl who tortured flies... (claudia_ethos) wrote in egl,
The girl who tortured flies...

San Jose Fanime Lolita Picnic 2010 (Ouji Dandy Aristo welcome!)

Anyone that would like to attend may, as long as they dress nicely and are polite!
And if it isn't a trouble, let me know you will attend my picnic.
Making treats to bring as well would be much appreciated but I can't call it a potluck this year. Fanime might get in trouble :P

Like before we will have a list of screen names of people going. If you have your friends going they will be added under friend of =screenname here= on the list.
It will be held on the concourse (Marriott side) in the patio area
If there are any questions or comments, please leave them as replies in here. If you have any personal questions pm me please.

  • When:
    • Around 11:00am to 1:00pm on Sunday May 30th
  • Where:
  • Who:
    • Anyone that would like to attend may, as long as they dress elegantly (lolita, kodona, etc) and are polite! (Includes cosplays similar to kuroshitsuji and the like)
  • What:
    • We will be having a picnic and having various games to play as well as a photos.
Games to play:
  • Candy Land
  • Chutes and ladders
  • etc.....

Attendance List
  • Claudia_Ethos(host)
  • lavenderlillie
  • mutive(maybe)
  • jigokusaru(maybe)
  • ja3_lolita(maybe)
  • fabula umbrae(maybe)
  • lolitalink(maybe)
  • musouka ningyou(of course!)
  • nanalalahaha
      • j9isawesome (good to see again :D)
      • silverstar101
      • i adore orchids(maybe)
      • megster1989
      • xmadrabbits(maybe)
      • kawaii koneko18
      • Strawrose
      •  wonderflinch
      • merli
      • chibi einhorn
      • lucidlunacy1
      • kakeruwarukyuru



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