Nicola (blissi) wrote in egl,

Mini price update

I ordered a pair of vivienne westwood RHS this week (from the London flagship store) - I thought people may appreciate a cost update! - as I was looking for the price recently but couldnt find one.
They cost £345.00
You can still choose the colours and leather
EDIT  But not the wood - the manufacturer only does one type - and they come varnished so you dont have to worry about them warping in rain / puddles.

They didnt take a mould of my feet which I think in the past people said they did?
but its not an issue for me as my feet fit uk sizes fine.
Postage / delivery was £15.00 ( as I dont want to trek to london to pick them up.)
Staff were friendly polite etc..
that is all :)
On second thoughts I could have always of rung up to ask what they cost now - doh.
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