ephemeralm (ephemeralm) wrote in egl,

question about Innocent World shoes

recently, I've bought a pair of Innocent World shoes.
http://innocent-w.jp/shopping/102905/index_e.html these, to be exact. i've ordered the usual size i buy with bodyline (which usually runs a little big) and secret shop which is an L 24.5

my problem is that i used to think i have relatively narrow feet, because most shoes that i buy in my country and those bought from china and bodyline were always too wide. these shoes proved me wrong, and oh so much wrong. they're ideal in lenght but really tight and narrow almost everywhere! is this normal with innocent world? more importantly, will they stretch to my feet width? i'm really upset by this because i can barely wear them with thin tights... actually i'm on the verge of crying here, because they are very lovely and i don't want to sell them... and i'm scared to buy IW shoes again too.

solved! thank you!
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