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Mixed up orders from TaobaoSpree -- do we have each other's?

Person found! Thanks for reading!

I just received a package from TaobaoSpree that contains a short, medium-blonde wig from the store Fantasy Sheep and a red dress/outfit of some kind that has white lace and appears to come with or have a built-in petticoat. There is a sticker on the wig package that says "Alice" but I'm not sure if this is the name of the should-be recipient, or just a sticker that wound up on the item for no reason.

In case it was a simple switch-up involving just two people (rather than a grand shuffle where everyone's items are mixed up), you may have received or may soon receive a package with 7 pairs of Secret Shop socks and a pink Infanta cardigan. That would be my package, lol.

If I have yours and you have mine, and if we're both in the United States or Canada, I would be happy to do a direct swap using USPS Priority Mail with tracking, which would of course be paid for by TaobaoSpree via PayPal refunds. I just really want my socks and sweater for a meet-up on the 16th. :( If you live in another country besides Canada, I may prefer to have both of us return our incorrect packages to TaobaoSpree and have them re-send the correct ones to each of us, in the interest of protecting us both from mail loss or (gosh help us) non-sent items.

Thanks for reading, and, if applicable, responding,
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