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Question about "Victorian Maiden Outlet Sale"

Hi everyone! I'm new here but have been lurking for a little while :-)

This morning I was looking at the Victorian Maiden page and I got a bit excited when I saw the word "Sale." According to what I read from the news, from May 15-17th at the KERA! SHOP Angel in Shinjuku's Marui One building, it appears there will be a sale on some Victorian Maiden goods!

I've read through the Japanese and I pretty much understand what's being said. However, I'm not familiar with what an outlet sale entails or how it works...I'm currently in Tokyo and was thinking I might like to go and check things out, but being pretty new to the idea of actually buying lolita (rather than swooning over photos on the web) I wanted to ask everyone here!

Have you been to an outlet sale before? There's also two levels of sale percentages listed and I'm not entirely sure what the difference is. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

A link to the new page:  http://www.victorianmaiden.com/news/news.html#kera02

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