lady_saltina (lady_saltina) wrote in egl,

Honey Color lenses... customer service issues?

About three weeks ago I placed an order with Honey Color Circle Lenses after reviewing feedback here, on the Gaia Lenses comm, and a lot of other places. In general, these places all had good things to say about Honey Color, so I decided it was a good bet. However, since getting a paypal receipt for my order three weeks ago, I've received no correspondence, shipping notification, or package. Three days ago I sent them an email inquiring about the situation, and I've received no response. I'm disappointed because I'd really like not to have to wear my glasses for with my coordinate for Acen, and I'd counted on them being here by now.

Have you girls ever ordered from Honey Color? Did you have good experiences? Do you think I should file a paypal dispute? The total was really not very much, but I would really like my lenses, or at least the money to buy a pair from another location.

Another possibility is it is an issue with the post office, as I moved recently, and I am missing two other packages from Amazon. Perhaps they aren't forwarding my packages like they should? Before anyone questions, yes, I did have my address formally changed in advance, and the rest of my mail is being forwarded as normal. However I placed my order with Honey Color almost two weeks before I moved and I figured that they would be shipped before my move.
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