Teh Evie-chan (evedestroys) wrote in egl,
Teh Evie-chan

Items missing from AP package

Dear egl,
So I recently paid for an AP package that was supposed to contain:
3 pairs of socks
an alice band
and a jumper skirt.

Upon receiving the shipping invoice I thought the cost was a little low considering it was via EMS and there was a jumper skirt that was supposed to be in the package. It was only 2150 yen. I'm used to paying much more.

When I received the package, guess what was missing? The Jumper skirt -_-;

Have you girls had any problems like this before? If so, what did you do? I know AP's communication isn't the best...and i'm worried they'll think I'm lying or something since the invoice received with the package stated that the jumper skirt should have been in there.

Thank you for any help you offer!

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