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Lolify your life

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When I arrived at my new apartment in Japan, it was so aweful and ugly and sad, the coworkers who were visiting with me wouldn't even look me in the eye.
Well! I changed that! Finding cute stuff to decorate with in Japan is so easy it is actually quite a danger to my bank account.

The image above is from my kitchen ^^ There is a super cute store in the local mall that sells clothes for dogs and toys for children (because dogs and children are the same....??? lol) where I bought those cute ceramic boxes.

For the rest of my kitchen, I devoted one blank wall for lolifying:

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I couldn't find any AP posters to use, so I used pages from KERA instead and added some deco-love:

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In my tatami room, it was actually less an attempt to decorate as I had no place to hang my lolita clothing, lol... this is an old picture, I actually have more skirts/dresses now. I even found a cute pink bear cover for my comforter:

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In my main room, I bought new Laura Ashley curtains that I don't have a picture of at the moment. They are white with pink roses and lighten up the whole room.
I have a lot of blank wall space that I have covered in my JRock pictures... not exactly lolita related except that in these pictures, all the members are Versailles are dressed in Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. The doll on the right is one of the Angelic Pretty Pullip dolls (and I am actually trying to sell her atm, if you are interested^^), and beside her is a Toyfield KUMA:

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I'd love to do more extensive decorating. As I said, it would certainly be easy. However, I will only be living here for another year or so, so I have cut myself off from buying more stuff I can't take home...
At least the place isn't ugly anymore!

I hope you enjoyed my mini-tour.
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