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Gothic & Lolita manga collaboration anyone?

Evalai & Violavai- "Tea or Wine?"

So I've been thinking for a long time:
why not take two things I love- Drawing manga, and Gothic & Lolita fashion, and put them together?

My predicament lies in the fact that I am decent in creating character designs, but not so gifted in developing cohesive, believable storylines that flow well. I have difficulty in separating myself enough from the characters that they take on their own forms and lives, thus creating a world around them through their interactions with others.

Anyone up for a good challenge?

Please give my characters a look and tell me what comes to mind.
-Where did they come from (how were they brought up)?
-What motivates each of them?
-Where are they residing now, and why?
-What does their personal sense of fashion say about their character or things they enjoy?
-What are their views on the world/others around them?
...and anything additional that may come to mind.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :D
Apologies, I still need to go back in and clean it up, color, etc.
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