maggietheloud (maggietheloud) wrote in egl,

Parasols-- where to buy?

I have a great interest in lolita, but never see myself in lolita clothing more than once in a blue moon.  That said, I've taken a great interest in parasols, and am wondering where to buy one?  I'm looking for a black parasol, but one that wont fade from actual exposure to the sun, and rather than risk a shot-in-the-dark approach, would like your opinions and experience to find the best one for a reasonable price without using any sort of service to get the parasol into the states.
In case any of you were wondering, my style is developing into a whole mess of black clothing, often with excessive zippers/chains.  I have a moto jacket with lace, which i suppose would be permissable casual loli if ever i bought a skirt, and wear it regularly.  I'm looking for a lacey, Loli-style parasol to protect me from the cancer-inducing rays of the sun.  Ideas?
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