Arya (laiferr) wrote in egl,

Themes for May and new artwork!

OK, so I was little slow posting the new themes n_n but I'm sure some of you noticed the new artwork a little while ago! Artwork this month is by xmordecaix ~ you can see more of their work on their DeviantArt. Thank you very much to everyone who submitted artwork last month, it was certainly a close poll this time around! If you're interested in submitting artwork for EGL's banner please check out This post. Remember, artwork does not have to be of our mascot any more so let your creative side show :D

And so, with our new artwork comes some new themes. (Remember, theme based posts do not need to include both of the themes, and not all community posts have to be on theme. The themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post!)  

The General Theme for May is What have you lolified?
Deco'd your DS? Beautified your room? Put a headbow on your cat? This is your month! Feel free to interpret this theme however you like, whether it be your lifestyle you've lolified or your parents.

The Aesthetic Theme for May is Go big or go home!
Inspired by the lovely large locks of this months artwork, this month we want you to TAKE IT LARGE. With your hair, bonnets, dresses or completely OTT photoshoots. Cover yourself in bows and take a photo. JUST MAKE THEM BIG.
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