Tyler "Sakura Fairy" (sakurafairy) wrote in egl,
Tyler "Sakura Fairy"

A blog for my brand

 I have revamped my selling blog into a blog for my brand Lily of the Valley.  While you can still buy the Admiral Tricorn hats and Regent hats there; it also has a progress page for my current customers.  I will also be posting info and sneak peeks of future lines, announcements of new tutorials and couture pieces posted on the website and other goodies.

So please visit the blog and add it!

There are also two new tutorials on the Lily of the Valley website.  One for candying flowers (darn! missed the theme by a few days!), and one for making fancy Victorian style cards.  

A (blurry XD!) cake decorated with candied Violets

Victorian inspired Card.  This tutorial might be great to use for calling cards for the various calling card games going around.

If you don't seem to be able to find the tutorials try emptying your cache.

In addition to all of this XD  I am looking for photos!  If you have bought an "Admiral Tricorn Hat" I would love to have a photo of your beautiful self wearing it so that I can make a customer's gallery on my blog! 

Also if you have used one of the tutorials on my site I would love photographs of your results because I want to have gallery for that on my website as well!

Please either post them here or send them to my e-mail with the name you prefer. 

Thank you!
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