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Jennie ♥

Help Required: Paypal Claim, and I can't find my proof of shipment :(


 Hello Ladies: 


About four some weeks ago, I shipped an Alice and The Pirates Cutsew to a fellow member of the community. I live in BC, Canada, and explained the cutsew can take well over four weeks, and up to six weeks to reach her (for anoyone who uses Canada Post, you'll understand it's unbearably slow sometimes...). Since no other method was paid for (I offered 120$USD so that I could pay for different shipping methods, and to cover the cost I had paid for the shirt -- she only paid 100$), I shipped by surface as it was the only method I could afford at the time. 

Now, the cutsew hasn't reached her, (although it's only been around four-some weeks) and she has filed a dispute. I explained I had shipped it, and it should be with her soon. I also explained it was out of my hands and no longer my responsibility. She escalated it to a claim. 

Of course, with my lovely luck, I cannot find the receipt of my shipment, and have no way to prove that I've shipped my cutsew to her. :( I've never had to deal with something like this before, as I've never had a problem with my selected shipping methods. 


How can I deal with this? Any help or advice is appreciated... :(

Thank you in advance! 


- Thank you so much for all your prompt, detailed replies!

- I have emailed the buyer three emails, with my transaction details and a potential compromise. I'm hoping we can sort this out via email.



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