Raving Sohma (raving_sohma) wrote in egl,
Raving Sohma

Casual Lolita Advice!

Okay so I work in a very small company with maybe 5 or 6 people and I'd like to start my lolita adventure by being able to wear lolita clothes to work. Unfortinatly full on lolita is probably out of the question as I think they would start to wonder if I was sane.

...However I don't want this to stop me wearing lolita outfits to work so I was wondering if people could please give me advice on how to work on more casual lolita outfits until I can start working up the courage to wear full out lolita around the place.

Also because of where I live I wouldn't be able to dress in full lolita outside normally for the fear of being beaten up/spit on. Once I get back to college I am also interested on wearing lolita clothes there as well.

Now as for myself I'm about 5'5 and have a 37' bust so I'm always very wary about looking frumpy, especially with high necked stuff so I'm tend to find that an issue. I do however have a 32' waist. I was wondering if people could give someone like me (who has yet to buy anything lolita but is just waiting for her 700 euro of tax to come back which she will be spending on lolita stuff) advice on what to buy so that i could have both stables for when I can go on lolita outings but also casual stuff so I can wear it everywhere!

Thanks! ^^ 
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