Amylie Freeman (yummy_land) wrote in egl,
Amylie Freeman

Make up tutorial

Hey ^__^
That's my make up tutorial. It can be used for different styles.
It's some kind of smoky eyes :З

I'm so sorry for my english. I'm from Russia, you know ^_~

*The face was cleared and moisted before making up.

*In movie process a battery was low. That why some shots are different

+ bonus

The following cosmetics has been used in tutorial:

- mirror "Ile"
- two make up brushes
- blush Bourjois Paris (34 rose d'or)
- Teint Eclat Mat Autofocus (Clarins, 01)
- white eye shadow (Jeans, 802)
- silky eye shadow duo (Shiseido, s10)
- water shine gloss (Maybelline NY, 560/ivory Star)
- atomic volume mascara(Sephora, 6M)
- water

Thanks for attention :З

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