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A+++ Postivie Commission Review: diaphinisedbat services

3 Weeks ago, I made a post on the sales com looking for a seamstress to make me SOMETHING out of beautiful fabric I had bought, but just had lying around due to no time to make anything myself. diaphinisedbat  was one of the many seamstresses who responded to my WTC, and I could not be more happy that I choose her to make my skirt.

We exchanged a few PM's and it was not long until I sent out my fabric to diaphinisedbat  and she began work on a skirt that I was very excited to receive.  She was always very friendly and professional throughout the whole process. She sent me updates and pictures once she was 90% done with the skirt. She even took pictures of the lining being slightly off line-up wise, and offered to completely fix it. I told her it was fine and I did not mind it at all, after all no one would be seeing it, but she still offered to make me detachable bows, or head bows for the misake. I settled on two clip in matching bows for my hair, which are just adorable. I forgot to take pictures however of those.

A few days later the skirt was complete, and she sent me pictures of the skirt complete, and all ready to ship. Shipping took almost a week, but that was the only slow part of the process, and the mail being slow is not her fault.

Overall the process was very quick, and I honestly did not expect to receive a skirt of this quality so quickly!

(Sadly I may just very shortly be selling this beautiful skirt, as I am informed by my girlfriend and others it looks bad on me and not flattering at all which is such a shame as I am so happy with it and love it very much ( - _ - );;  )

At first I was very indecisive about what I wanted, but I settled for an InnocentWorld replica of the following skirt.

And this is what I received! (sorry I do not own a dress form, so it is on me ( ^ o ^ )/ ) Admittidly, it is a bit hard for me to wear (besides not fitting my body shape, I have a very short torso and I am all legs), even with me wearing 3 petticoats here. I just do not have one that gives it a nice full shape  /( ^ _ ^ );;. Here I am wearing my drollscrop A-line daily petti, and two smaller hottopic petties over for filler. My kirakirajenjen just looks weird with it. The skirt is extremely accurate for being a replica!

Front shot



The quality of this replica skirt is just amazing! Again aside from the lining on the inside being slightly off at the top, there are not flaws with this skirt!

Front unworn. This skirt is so big -laughs- There is a lot of room for better pettis than what I own. Everything about this skirt is done so nicely. The sewing is impeccable.

Detail shot. She picked matching details so well. The cord detailing, zipper, lining, ribbon, and thread match the navy blue corduroy fabric so very well! The ruffles are very nice and neatly done too.

The invisible zipper, hook at the top, and corseting area. All done with great attention to detail. The shirring is incredibly well done as well!

Skirt inside (minus lining)
This was my favorite part upon inspecting the skirt. EVERYTHING WAS FINISHED OFF! There is no possible way the fabric could ever fray. It was so nice to see such detailing and care put into this skirt. It shows me that she cares a lot about her work, and how professional she is. She cares about the quality of the product, and it is so refreshing to see.

Lining. This was even so carefully done. It feels wonderful as well, and it's nice to not have two fabrics catching on one another.

Extra shot of lining, and inside of shirring. Again so carefully done.

Rating :

Communication: 5/5.
She always replied so quickly, was so professional and wonderful to deal with.

Quality: 110/100.
This skirts was above and beyond what I expected. So much detail and care put into it. Makes me love it that much more.

Shipping: 5/5.
The skirt was so well packed! It was inside plastic, that was wrapped in brown paper, and then put into a bag. She even included an extremely lovely note, with washing instructions, thanking me for commissioning her, requesting feedback and an honest review and critique of her work, which I am more than happy to give!

Fit: 5/5
It does fit my measurements like a glove! I am glad the skirt is so long too, because with my long legs, finding something long enough is hard.

Cost: 5/5.
Her cost where exceedingly reasonable! I am always happy to find someone who will make beautiful pieces and charge a fair price.

In the end there are no words to describe how happy I am with this skirt. I will gladly commission from her again, and I recommend her to everyone!

I hope this review is helpful! And questions or anything else please let me know!
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