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A couple of updates regarding ticketing for Fantaisies Dans le Monde des Rêves!

Hi guys! Sorry for an update so close to the previous one, but we have some partially good news regarding Brown Paper Tickets as well as a couple clarifications of the future of VIP ticketing.

Brown Paper Tickets
Brown Paper Tickets has recently released to us an incomplete list of the winners of some of the auctions. From this data, we were only able to extract three of the Gothic winners and three of the Sweet ticket winners. The last week, unfortunately, was lost due to various complications. However, we are in the process of individually contacting the confirmed ticket winners in order to utilise the services of our sister company, Starry Candy Box, so that we can successfully get your tickets out to you. Again, we would like to extend our apologies to the affected.

If you are not contacted within the next week or so from today, please assume that you did not win a VIP OR auction you won was invalid.

So... How About Those Auctions That Didn't Go Through?
We'll have additional 2 VIP ticket auctions (1 for Gothic, and 1 for Sweet) to the 4 VIP ticket auctions (2 Gothic, 2 Sweet) planned. A schedule on how the auctions will be space is outlined at the bottom of those post. Also, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO BUY A GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET. Those who win VIP tickets who already have GA tickets will simply be charged the difference between the winning bid and the regular ticket price.

Due to confusion with VIP+ tickets, we'll be seating VIP ticket winners by the following rule:

The highest winning VIP ticket auctions will have priority seating. Those who bid higher will have a higher chance of sitting next to the designers.

Please realize that you will be seated at round tables, so it is to your advantage to sit closer to the designers!

VIP Ticketing Schedule
All VIP ticket auctions will be posted on our ebay which can be accessed here. All ticket auctions will begin and end at 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. If you have any questions regarding how our auctions will be spaced out, please don't hesitate to email us.

VIP[Gothic] Ticket Auction Dates: 
  • May 5 - May 12 (Wednesday)
  • May 9 - May 16 (Sunday)
  • May 12 - May 19 (Wednesday)
  • May 16 - May 23 (Sunday)
VIP[Sweet] Ticket Auction Dates:
  • May 5 - May 12 (Wednesday)
  • May 9 - May 16 (Sunday)
  • May 16 - May 23 (Sunday)
We hope this clears up much of the confusing regarding VIP ticketing overall. General Admission tickets do not have any problems being processed with Brown Paper Tickets. However, please notice that your credit care will NOT be charged until a couple of days before the event. 
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