Am I infamous yet? (ragnarok_hound) wrote in egl,
Am I infamous yet?

Coordination Advice for relatively new lolita

Hello, fellow Lolita. ^^

I've been a lolita for just under a year now, and I would like your advice on a certain area I have trouble with: coordination.

I've never been very good at matching outfits. I have pictures of past attempts

To give you an idea of the pieces that make up these outfits:

" />

These pieces are all Bodyline, with the exception of the jacket (which is an off-brand from South Africa) in the red skirt pictures and the shoes (which are Be Wild! Mary Janes). I plan to branch out to other brands pretty soon. I really love that skirt, but I have no idea what kind of top to wear with it. The top I'm wearing with it was actually borrowed from another multi-piece outfit I have in my closet. I have a black ruffled top I've tried wearing with it, but it looked silly. The one in the picture is the closest match I had. I'd like to buy a nice white top or something to go with the skirt. Also, I don't have many accessories (for bracelets, I have an opal one with white beads attached, and a cute silver charm bracelet, and one or two elegant little silver necklaces)

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks a lot!

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