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Co-ordination competition for event? Help?

Hello and good day everyone. I need some opinion from you girls!
My English is not very good, sorry if I made any mistake ^_^

A friend of mine asked me to help out on an event her company organized. They are having a "Lolita Competition/ Miss Lolita" as one of the attraction for the event. I personally dislike the idea of this competition like thing as Lolita is a fashion but not something like cosplay that you can judge from a certain criteria. I suggested her to make a Lolita runway instead of a competition, but she insist on a competition because she had already purposed the plan to her company and they've approved it. Also, she prefer having "excitement" as the attraction of the event rather than a runway. Since she insisted on a competition, I suggest her why not having a Lolita co-ordination competition instead? Sounds more appropriate for a fashion, but I have no idea where to start with.

Here are some of the question she gave me:
Question: Does the participator wear the same clothes as the photo she submitted during the final round at the event?
Judges: we suggest to hv 4 judges (pls propose who can become the judge and 1 of the judges is from our company)
    - pls advise how do our judges evaluate the participants? what kind of criteria should we look at? Any performance by the participants?
    -  70% point from the judges? 30% point from voting?
Regarding the photo submitting, I previously suggested to have an audition via picture so we could probably filter some "inappropriate dressed" contestant rather than everyone just pop out from no where and some of them are probably not even Lolita(There are cases that this had happened to the other competition, or even meet-ups).

Any suggestion and opinion? Especially on the judging content, some of the judge may not be Lolita themselves. I'm afraid if they would judge depends on the "fancy-ness" of the dressing or outlook of the girl rather than the overall co-ordination. So a list of criteria that should be judged would probably help in a better judging system.

I'm thinking about having quiz to test their Lolita fashion knowledge as additional point for the contestant. Opinion please?

Additional idea/information will be very much appreciated!

Thank you in advance! <3 <3

edit: Seriously, I don't think the idea of having a competition would work out fine, although the prizes are attractive but most of my local Lolita dislike the idea of "competition". I'm now trying to convince my friend to make a lolita runway instead. I need some idea to write a proposal to her regarding the runway. Anyone organized a runway before? It would be great if you can provide me any documents you had done. XD

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