cidien (cidien) wrote in egl,

White Rock May Meetup - High Tea & Date Set

Okay so have set a date & activity for sure!
What: White Rock High Tea Meetup
High Tea @ TracyCakes ($15 per person & I'll need to know in advanced who can come)
Where: White Rock Beach meet at TracyCakes
When: May 29th  12pm

If you are interested in attended please add yourself to our facebook group so that I may know just approx how many people are going so I can make reservations
Guests are welcome!

I do realize transportation is an issue for some, especially getting back from the beach. As of now I know there will be at least one car availible, perhaps two, to offer some sort of quasi shuttle uptown to the bus stop for you girls. Getting to the beach should be no problem at there are 3 busses that go to the beach, however if transportation is an issue but you are dying to come, feel free to PM me either on FB or LJ, and we'll see what we can work out.

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