Raving Sohma (raving_sohma) wrote in egl,
Raving Sohma

Second Outfit help!

Hi guys!

I know I just posted yesterday with pictures of my first outfit and how I need to fix it but I'm already thinking about my second outfit! Unfortinatly because I'm broke I can't afford anything as amazing as Baby or AP so Bodyline will probably be my go to place for a little while. I think with the right accessories their stuff works anyway! =3

For my second outfit I'm thinking of going a lot more classic/sweet lolita. I'm thinking of buying this dress here:


I love the colours in this dress! I love the mix of the browns and blues and pinks! Anyway I have no idea what to do for blouses and such as well as socks. I hate the blouse the model in the picture is wearing. Could anyone please give me some good advice on how I should accessories this outfit/ if it's a good purchase/ your 5 cents?

Thanks so much! <3

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