true_hydeism (true_hydeism) wrote in egl,

Dumb Question About Sales Comm Rules...

Please forgive me for this silly question, but I was just wondering. I made a WTB post the other day and want to make a DS post now, but I recall the four day gap rule in the sales comm rules.

"You may only post once every FOUR days.
You may only make one "buying" and one "selling" post in a given four day period. Once you make any type of post, you may not repost with a post of the same type for a minimum of four days. You may link back to your older posts at the bottom of your new post, but you may only use a short and simple text link."

Just want to double check as the verbage was slightly unclear to me (being the daft person that I am =x). Does this mean one is allowed to make posts of a different type (WTB, DS) within four days of one another? The rule said 'you may not repost with a post of the same type' so I wanted to be clear before I tried submitting a DS post because I assumed that meant different types of posts within a four day window is allowed.

Thanks so much for the help, and sorry for the silly question!
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