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Attention fellow Lolitas in the US!

If you have attended any of the following anime conventions please let me know! Especially if I photographed you!

2009 :
Kin yoobi Con and Ani-jam

2010 :
Sac-Anime, Ohayocon, Katsucon, Sac-Con, Asahi con, Anime Boston, Kawaii kon, Silkroad Anime Event, and Bak-anime

I have started a blog about going to conventions but then I got really into the EGL fashion and even got a job working with it. My job consists of me having to travel to various conventions across the US and work as a vendor that sells JSKs, OPs, Coats, and Shoes from the shops in Japan.

ANYWAY! The point first I started blogging about my experiences at the cons...but now I want to photograph fellow lolitas who attend conventions and interview them when I get off work. Who wouldn't want to get to know their brother and sister lolitas in different states? HOWEVER! I kind of just came to this maybe I can track down some of you here? Please check out my blog if you're curious if I photographed you.

Sorry if this is out of place, but I thought it would be neat writing an article about a lolita or a brolita from different states! So if you would not mind sending some pictures of what you wore to the con and being interviewed, please PM me!

Sweet Lolita On-The-Go


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