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On the Road to Fantaisies dans le Monde des Rêves! Issue #4

With less than a month to go until the opening of the event, we hope you are as excited as we are! We have some exciting new developments that have occurred over the last week:

That's right, The GLB that we all know and love from Japan will be officially covering the event. Even if you are not competing in Miss Gothic and Lolita USA 2010, be sure to wear your best, because who knows? Maybe you might be one of the many lucky girls to show up in a later issues of the magazine. We apologize for using the tacky sparkly text, but this announcement was of such significance that it warranted the use of such gaudy imagery.

Event Poster Sales and American Launch of the Newest Kokusyoku Sumire Album
For those who want a permanent keepsake of the event can now purchase the event poster listed on StarryCandyBox, along with general admission ticket sales. We also would like to announce that Kokusyoku Sumire has released a new album, "Alice in the Underground", and that Oneesan will be the one to launch it in the US. They will also be playing selections from that album during the concert.

Here are a couple more clarifications regarding ticketing:
  • Don't forget! The sooner you buy your general admission tickets, the more priority you get in seating.Tickets can be bought on Brown Paper Tickets.
  • ALSO, the higher you bid on VIP tickets, with the exception of VIP+ tickets, the more priority you get in seating at the VIP tables. That means that you'll be able to sit even close to the designers!
  • For those worried about the status of Brown Paper Ticketing, we are still waiting on the list of the winners. Sadly, only a couple people know their status with BPT due not the fact that they were still the winning bid after the auction ended. BPT had a glitch regarding our auctions, and if we do not hear from them within this week, we'll be relisting the auctions on ebay.
This week's VIP auctions will be ending at 9PM Wednesday PST. Next week's auctions will being at the same date and time. Both sets of auctions are linked below for your convenience. Please realize that after this Wednesday, there will be only FOUR (4) VIP tickets left for auction: 2 for seating with the Angelic Pretty designers, and 2 for seating with Fumiko.

This Week's VIP Auctions (ending on Wednesday of this week):Next Week's VIP Auctions (Links will not be active till 9PM PST on Wednesday):We hope you enjoyed this series of announcements. We'll see you at the event in a month! 

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