honeymilks (honeymilks) wrote in egl,

AP problems

I am beginning to worry myself sick over an AP order I made 4 weeks ago. I have ordered from AP on more than a few separate occasions and the longest it took for me to get a shipping invoice was eight days after the first invoice. It only took two days for the first invoice letting me know my items where in stock, and I paid immediately. Does anyone know why the sudden delay for shipping within Japan? Surely the Europe event hasn't effected shipping within Japan from one store to another. I do not live in Europe either, but that is not even a problem seeing as I haven't even gotten an invoice yet. Is anyone else having these problems. Do you know why it is taking so long? I know I shouldn't be worried but I spent a lot of money so it is making me severely nervous. Please let me know. Thanks~
Tags: *angelic pretty, ordering: shipping

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