ladysparrowxv (ladysparrowxv) wrote in egl,

Anyone Planning on Going to Oneesan Fantaisies Dans le Monde de Reves?

 I am considering going to the event, and I was curious to see how many people are going! I'm also unsure about conventions, and I'm a bit scared about going by myself. I don't have any local friends who are lolitas, and I frankly don't have any lolita friends at all! I'm also a total newbie so I'm just... quite unsure about going. Any suggestions/advice? Are most lolitas at cons generally agreeable and friendly, or do they hover in groups? If you're going, what styles do you plan on wearing? (casual, sweet, punk, goth, classic, etc.) Should I be this scared and nervous?!?

Help a newbie out! XD

Edit: Also, would it be weird to wear casual lolita one day? I really only have one brand outfit and its a casual Meta black/gold coord. And is steam-lolita too cosplay-y? 
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