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egl_comm_art - Current Contests

Greetings from one of the mods over at egl_comm_art!
For those who don't know of us, we're a Lolita art community, centered around the sharing and critiquing of Lolita-based art, regardless of skill level and level of completion. Need suggestions on what direction to take a certain piece? Afraid of your work getting torn to pieces by the general egl community? Come join egl_comm_art and post your work!
In addition to being a safe haven for uncertain artists, we also do art competitions. The currently running competitions are:

April's theme: Happy Birthday egl_comm_art! - Our community is officially a year old, and this competition is to create a piece for our community layout to reflect that. This competition has recently been extended to May 24th. Please see the original post for more information.

Contest #5: Photo Manipulation - The object of this competition is to create a piece and accompanying icon using photo manipulation. The winner of this competition will have their piece used in the community profile for a three month minimum, as well as receive a wood burned box by evilcatsterer featuring the Lolita style of their choice. This competition ends July 31st. Please see the original post for more information.

You must be a member in order to enter our competitions. Artists and lurkers alike are all welcome to join, just please read our rules before posting.
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