angel_259236102 (angel_259236102) wrote in egl,

Insoles Help?

I got some bodyline shoes that are a bit big, I wont link to them because I dont think that is matters that much. But because of the bigness I went to get some insoles, these are Dr. Scholls Gel ones. They are comfortable and fine, except for the fact that they slip. A lot. Enough that it goes all the way to my toes after a while, which isn't helpful.

I tried to put duck tape on the bottom so it may stick, but it made it worse. I suppose the heat of the shoes when worn made the tape glue not stick well enough, so it not only didn't keep them in place, but it also made it worse. Now there is glue sticky stuff all around the shoe. It isn't that bad and I can probably get it out if I tried to.

So I am looking for some advice of what I can do to keep the insoles in place. I am willing to do whatever, but if I need to permanently glue it on I want to know what exactly to use, and what to do. Thanks!

Tags: *bodyline, discussion: clothing care, garment: shoes
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