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Qutieland and Miranda An*tai*na Classic Trump Shoes Review

Miranda An*tai*na Classic Trump Shoes- Light Blue 

I fell in love with the original AP shoes when I first saw them in a magazine ad, but they were only avalible in size S-L.  I own a pair of AP boots in L and they fit me very snugly and after a day of walking they hurt A LOT.  Luckily, in April I stumbled into these at Qutieland and decided to buy them. Link-http://www.qutieland.com/product.php?id=469

I purchased these shoes on April 12th from birthday money and received them today. I was originally going to buy them in both blue and red because I love the style so much but because of needing to buy a train ticket I couldn’t; but this also gives me the chance to decide if I like them before I buy another pair.

They were purchased in size 25 and they fit wonderfully.  I have slightly wider feet but they aren't too narrow for me.  There's a small amount of space so after walking a lot they will probobly not hurt.

I don’t have a picture of the shipping box because I tore it open quickly, but it was one of those “sent-from-China; looks-like-some-kind-of-sport-was-played-with-it box.” It also stunk horribly of pleather- the bad kind; but somehow the shoes didn’t smell very much.

Now on to the Photos (sorry for the crappy cell phone pics- today I can't find my camera >.< )- 

Box (sorry it’s taken after I corrected the hiragana because my host mom kept laughing at it (she though it said “anata” which means “you”)).  Inside was the shoes wrapped with only a piece of tissue paper (no protective material :/ ..) but they did fare pretty well (there is one tiny scuff but it isn’t very noticeable).

When I looked at the shoes, I was surprised (and a little scared) about how long the toe box is. It makes them look slightly squareish in my opinion, and I don’t particularly like that.

PhotobucketAfter I put on the bows, they look better though. 

The bow clips were separately packaged- here they are alone.

Now a back view- this is the start of the things I’m slightly unhappy about. The bows are sewn on slightly crooked (maybe I’m just being nitpicky about this though :P …) And… there are random holes for no reason…? 
Hole- close up
Inside-it goes all the way through. There are a few more on the sides but they’re not noticeable. I think this is due to the manufacturing process because on both shoes they’re all in the same places.
Also the insole isn’t fully attached- but it can quickly be fixed with glue.
Worn Pics- 




The top strap is a little long for me, so it falls down some (I may add another hole to fix this) but this also means that these shoes are good for girls with larger calves.

Also, the trump symbols can be removed/ switched up.  This can create many more looks and if you get more than color you can mix colors (blue and black... etc).
Also, the main differences between these and the AP shoes (only by photos/ seeing them once irl) are heel height ( I choose the less close option though...), the lack of the gold AP logo on the top heart, the black sole being visible between the heel and shoe upper, the back bow shape and size(AP bows seem to be smaller and less flat), and buckle color and orientation (I think they may be silver on the AP blue shoes but I'm unsure... and the hearts don't face outwards with the bottom point going towards the strap point; the bottom point goes towards the ground ).

-Removable bows
-Card suit symbols can be moved and even removed
-Pretty true to size
-Straps are fastened by snaps- you only need to set the buckle once to your desired size 
-Bigger sizes than AP available and customizable heel height 4.5cm and 6.5cm (Originals are about 6.3cm) 
-Relatively nice material- better than bodyline but not as good as brand
-Top strap length
-Slightly squarish shape
-Random Holes
-Slightly crooked back bows
Qutieland Communication/ Service 10/10- Sent emails every step of the way and were extremely quick!
Shoes  8/10- There are a few small defects, but when worn most are relatively unnoticeable. Otherwise they are very nice shoes.
Packaging 7.5/10- I really wish they covered them with bubble wrap (maybe it would help prevent the scuff)
Shipping Time 10/10- Shipping by EMS (to Japan) took 3 days and they even arrived on a Sunday!

Overall- I will (quite literally) definately buy these shoes again! There are some small flaws, but they are very comfortable and look quite nice when worn and you can’t beat the price! I really do love them.

If anything is unclear in this review ask and I'll try to make it clearer.  Thanks!


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