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Where to gooo?!

Hi girls,

This is quite an important matter to me so I hope you can bring help.
I'm going to Wien (Austria) and Paris (France) in my September holidays, but I need to plan the trip now and see how many days I'll stay in every city. The thing is, I can't make an accurate calculation yet because I still haven't decided on what I want to do over those cities.

So I'm asking you for help - I want to know what lolita-friendly places to visit! My idea is to have a bit of a grasp of places that would be suitable for girls like us; frilly, girly, fashionable, with an interest in vintage and antiques, and a soft spot for sweets - not lolita 'per se' but prone to make us swoon or squee in excitement. Like remarkable thrift shops, gardens, historical sights, stores, bookshops, cafes, castles, places where you have meet-ups and things of that sort of which a first-time visitor not knowledgeable.

I have an idea of the "must" sights, of the "classics", but I like alternative locations, a little less famous and better fitting in a Parisienne's or a Wienese's "exciting" everyday activities than in a tourist's planner. I have, as a first, obviously, thought of a visit to the Ladurée patisserie, the Bollywood sector and the BABY shop, but as I have little knowledge of Paris as a city and none whatsoever of Wien as so, I wouldn't know where else to go.

Also, as citizens you might have an idea of what the weather is like during September - so what do you think I should take with me? A foldable parasol? Long-sleeved blouses? Would it be too hot for bloomers? I'm not going to use lolita 24/7 but obviously if I'm in cities like Wien and Paris I should break out my frills, for they would be a very suitable place to look like a princess ;]

Your help is greatly appreciated. (and my apologies if I couldn't get back to you in my previous picture request, my computer is being rather stubborn so I couldn't thank all of you personally, but you were all very very helpful.)
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