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Wig Reviews: Milanoo (2 positive, 1 bleh)

Hi Lovelies,

I'm aware that Milanoo's Lolita section doesn't have a good reputation, but I've purchased a couple of wigs and cosplay stuff from them and had positive experiences. I wanted to write a review for the wigs since they have good prices; not all of our wigs can be Cyperous wigs (toooo expensive! XD;;)

The summer of 2009, I ran into this site since they had an ad on cosplay.com. I purchased 2 wigs and 1 cosplay outfit, and it arrived about 2-3 weeks before the Milanoo drama started popping up in the community.

The first wig I got was Women's 54cm Black Long Straight Wig. Although it says "black" it's more of a dark brown. When I tried it on, the bangs were suuuuper long, so I just cut them myself.

(picture taken by j9isawesome)

+ Good price
+ Feels soft
+ Looks really close to human hair
+ Has a mix of brown and black strands
+ The wig's netting cannot be seen when worn
+ Great for my Gothic and Classic Lolita styles

- Bangs aren't as thick as I'd want them to be (you can see part of my wig cap in the first pic DX)
- It sheds a bit (however, after wearing it +3 times, it's still pretty good)

* The wig is thinner than the cosplay wigs I've purchased in the past, but still good for the price.
* Inaccurate stock pic. The stock pic doesn't shot that the wig has layers; however, the stock pic makes it look like it has no volume either.
* Long wigs can tangle easily, but I just sprayed detangler and the Motion's spray and it does well.

Overall: 4/5


The second wig I bought was a cosplay wig for halloween. I can't find the link, but the wig had odd long bangs. In the stock pic, the bangs were swept to the side, but when it arrived it just fell down straight in front of my face. I cut them since I was cosplaying a specific character, but since the wig had no skin top, the knitting was easily visible (unless the bangs were put in a precise place).

It looks good here, but if wind blew the hair, you'll see the knitting right away T_T.

+ Great price (~$18)
+ Nice color
+ Didn't tangle easily (past tense, since I got rid of the wig already)

- No skin top
- Netting easily visible

Overall: 2.5/5 (the lack of skin-top really ruined the wig for me =T). I don't recommend getting Milanoo's wigs unless they are straight cut bangs or have no bangs at all


The last wig I got was Gold Fringe Women's 50cm Wavy Fashion Wig. I ordered sometime in April, and it just arrived in the mail yesterday:

I am pretty happy with this wig! I've never had a curly wig though, so I ran my fingers through it and kind of messed up some of the curls. The wig initially arrived with the curls pretty intact.

+ Good price
+ Awesome color
+ Wig is soft
+ So far no signs of shedding
+ Netting not visible
+ Super thick bangs
+ Great for my Classic, Country, and Sweet Lolita outfits

None, really

* The bangs are kind of cut far to the sides; I've never had a wig with such wide bangs, but it's not too bad~
* Looks kind of different from the stock pic

Overall: 5/5


My experience with Milanoo as a whole:

Shipping: 5/5; items have arrived on or very near the estimated time (ships via EMS).
Communication: 4/5; it kind of stinks that you can't track your package or they don't tell you exactly when they send it out, but I've had good luck so far.
Quality: 4/5; aside from the one bleh wig, my overall experience with them quality-wise has been good.


I hope this review has helped. If you have any additional questions please let me know ^^.
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