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Mod post - Update on talia_speaks situation

This is a (hopefully final) update regarding the situation around talia_speaks - it comes a little late, but I've been waiting for final pieces of information and did not want to post until I had everyone on the list's permission. I have posted below the cut a confirmed list of customers currently waiting on items from talia_speaks. It includes the majority of those who have messaged me regarding their situation (a couple of people have been removed as their situation has been resolved and they did not wish to appear on a public list, which is their right.) It does seem that it differs from talia's own list - anyone appearing on that list who is not on the one below has not messaged me. The list below is also more comprehensive regarding each customer's situation. As is clear from these situations, the backlog was fairly severe and several people have been waiting months for their order. Even more concerning to me is the number of people waiting on items to be fixed or re-made due to sewing errors. While things do occasionally go wrong with fit or sewing, a full half of the customers on this list have had issues with their items (in some cases rendering the garment unwearable) and further customers have had significant delays in receiving items or refunds, or have been refused refunds due to speaking publicly about their experience.

This is unacceptable, even if it is not strictly "scamming" behaviour in the same way as other scammers have operated on egl. With this in mind, the moderation team have determined that talia_speaks will be permabanned from both egl and egl_comm_sales. A ban from egl has been instated in part due to talia's consistent disrespect of the mods, and manipulation of the situation to paint herself as a victim of mod decisions and community harassment.

In regard to the remaining customers on this list, I am passing the responsibility for managing this over to colortheory. The reason for this is twofold: first, I am just about to get into an exam period at university so I really don't have the time for active maintenance of this sort, and second, colortheory is a US-based mod whereas I am in New Zealand, so in the case that any legal action may be required, she will find it far easier to organise and determine any availability of claims via legal channels. She'll still be discussing the situation regularly with the other moderators, just as I have been doing, but will take over as the contact point.

Waiting for items or refunds:

- insertevilname (commissioned blouse on 3rd March, has received the blouse 10 April but was promised a headbow which has not yet arrived - has received contact saying this would be shipped this week but no tracking number as yet)

- kuroda_emi (dress received but does not fit correctly, has been promised a $95 refund. Has been paid $20 of the $90 thus far as of today)

- jellslove (waiting on $50 refund of lace order from January - lace has never been sent and she would now rather have a refund due to length of time waiting)

- lolitawillow (bought items 27 January, has not yet received anything)

- coverparade (commissioned a choker from talia about the beginning of April)

- revy913 (commissioned three headbows and two pairs of bloomers in December, has not received any items or contact as yet)

- lamerwaffle (waiting on a $200 refund after her item was unwearable. Has now been refused a refund because of "makeup on the dress, smelled horrible and a frayed ribbon" - lamerwaffle denies this apart from the ribbon, which frayed due to bad sewing, and is still waiting on said refund. Refund also seems to have been denied because of "public flaming" which refers to the negative review posted to egl)

- ieatedyourcooki (agreed after selling a BJD to talia that the final $70 owing on the payment would be made by talia making a blouse for her. This was around a year ago - while ieatedyourcooki has been in and out of contact with talia due to moving, etc, she still hasn't received the blouse although she is confident it will eventually be resolved)

Confirmed complete (or shipped with tracking number):

- moulinrouge04 (commissioned headpiece, was made incorrectly so asked for another one to be redone, received it and a free set of rose combs - all complete)

- prettykitty84 (began commission in late July 09, has received her second invoice at the end of February after months of excuses but has not yet seen any pictures of the dress. Has now seen photos and received the dress with some small problems which she has fixed)

- sugarsugar_dina (waiting on $23.79 from failed lace order - filed a Paypal claim and has received her money)

- faerydragonet (commissioned coat at end of December. Meant to be complete by Feb 7, was only completed 22 March and was apparently shipped at the end of March. It has arrived.)

- luxurias_slave (commissioned items in February, was expecting them to arrive end of March, has received items but a choker was missing and a skirt had to be sent back for repairs on the zip.)

- kurodatenshi (commissioned headbow mid-March, it arrived mid-April with no problems)

- keikoagogo (commissioned blouse, has received it with some fit issues)

- rhole (items commissioned in early September, received mid-October but in such bad quality that t_s agreed to fix the dress. Dress was not fixed by December, t_s offered a free blouse as an apology. Further excuses were made about lack of internet, lack of camera batteries. No photos provided as yet, t_s claims to have sent the items mid-March but have not yet arrived. Received a tracking number mid-April, has received the items now. There are still issues with the JSK but rhole is happy to bring these up personally with talia)

- kyttyee (commissioned headbow on 1 September 09, was made incorrectly and t_s admitted "forgetting" about it. Has apparently been mailed 15 March, however has not yet arrived as of 24 April. Has now received a tracking number)

- chiisaimomo (commissioned bloomers meant to arrive in February, were sent a month late and incorrect so has sent them back for repair, has not received refund for shipping costs or the bloomers as repaired. Has received them as of end of April, not exactly what she was after and covered in multicoloured thread but doesn't want to follow up any further)

Any concerns, questions, etc should be brought up in this post. Thanks.
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