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Lolita timeline 2008-2010

Hello all! Here is my timeline! I haven't been into the fashion for too long, about two years, but I have made a looot of outfit in that time. And I had such a hard time choosing pics. I wear so many styles, so there will be...many pics XD;

Anyway, lets get started!


This is my very first outfit! Handmade skirt, vintage blouse, etc. As you can see, I started out as a gothic, and thought it would continued that way. How wrong I was!

Second! Also handmade. Already starting to like sweet.

First brand! Skirt from IW. I am starting to arrange my hair more.

More homemade! This is one of my few classic outfits, I realised by looking at them all that classic is a style I haven't been wearing much!

I started with the crazy hairstyles! I had discovered that sweet was actually my thing!

First pirate outfit!

Oh this is so painfull. I tried to do better makeup, but failed X_x. Too pale!

Another handmade skirt!


I got bangs! One of the best things I've done, although I didn't knew how to handle it in the beginning!

Trying out hime lolita!

I was experimenting a lot with my hair this year.

And I wore very many styles, some classic..

..some gothic..

..and some really sweet! I was kinda obsessed with gyaruhair at this time.
Also, I was getting better with makeup now! I don't use makeup al the time, hell no, but from now I knew hoe to make it proper!

My first (and only) kodona outfit!

This was an experimental ero/guro outfit

Second pirate outfit

In the autumn I wore this kinda toned down style a lot.

But sometimes switced to gothic!

Sweet is what I liked the most!


My biggest new experiment this year is that I tried aristocrat for the first time! And I loved it! By now I had gotten myself a good straightener too, that was such a good investment!

But AP is without doubt my favorite brand by now!

And sweet is the style I like the most! This is my most recent outfit, from last sunday!

Phuw, that was some pictures. I don't know if I've changed my style so much over this years, I progressed in the beginning, but I think I found out the style quite quick. But I have tried a lot of styles, and I like them all! I would really like to do a sailor outfit too, and a steampunk outfit!
Well, hope you enjoyed!
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