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Philippines and the Hispanic influences

I was browsing through my files and stumbled upon these photos. It's from my On-the-job-training when I was still in college. I finished AB-Production Design..just for FIY, Production designers are the one in charge of the over all visuals of any production (film, theatre, TV) so we study about costume, set, and props designing. This one is from a TV show taping of the Filipino version of, "Zorro". Setting was in the Victorian Period. In the Philippines during that time, we are still occupied by the Spaniards so we inherited a lot of their culture including arts and architecture.

With my love for lolita, I easily fell in love with the surroundings. I actually thought of having a photoshoot there someday. I just thought I would want to share this for I know every lolita will love it. And also to showcase the beauty of my country. :D

Brick roads :D

See how awesome those ceilings are?

I want that bed. D:

Hi, me. Yes. I'm not sporting lolita that time for the traveling time was 4 hours including traffic and to mention we left 3am in the morning. D:

Awesome chess pieces. :O

Folks in their costumes. :D
p.s I want that parasol. D:

Custom made carriage for the set. Those details are actually just made of rubber sheets. Clever! :D

That's all! Thanks for looking. :D

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