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Negative review of Fairy Angel

I've never posted a review on EGL before, but as I find other people's reviews so useful, I thought I'd share my experience. After reading some positive reviews of Fairy Angel, I decided to go ahead and order two Angelic Pretty bags from them.


 I paid on the 3rd of April, received a confirmation the following day and the bags arrived on the 20th, which I thought was pretty good. They had marked down the price by half and even though i still had to pay customs, thankfully the amount wasn't as high. Btw, I didn't ask them to mark it down, but they did anyway, which is great!

So here is my rating of them:

Communication: 5/5 - Granted they do not answer questions in English, but they state that in their website, so it's fair enough. They do make the ordering process easy for international customers however, and they do sent a confirmation in English when they receive the payment.

Shipping & packing: 5/5 - Shipping was pretty fast and the bags were packaged very well, in seperate plastic covers and with crunched paper inside to help retain their shape.

Quality: 2/5 - This is the reason for my negative review. The bags I ordered were ranked (and priced!) as A (which means they are used but show NO signs of wear at all) but I think a fairer rating would have been B/C.

Now for the pictures (you can click to enlarge):
All well when I first opened the box, I was happy with how well the bags were packaged:

On closer inpection:

There are loads of threads hanging from the strap all the way around (pic doesn't do it justice AT ALL)

The inside has quite  a few small marks:

And so does the bottom:

But this is what made me decide to write a negative review:


I can understand how they could miss all the little spots and marks on the inside or the back, but a scratch accross the front, that distorts the pattern should be mentioned. Closet Child for example always provide pictures of any damage. On Fairy Angel, as these bags were described as A Rank, no detailed pics were provided, as if there was no damage or signs of wear to show. There were some more small marks besides the ones pictured, the white scalloped trims on the bow of the sax bag were clearly yellowing and the inside of the bags was really dirty.

And now for the WORST PART: No signs of wear? Besides the filth on the inside of the bags I found a mucky used hair pin, clumps of used false eyelashes and used face stickers. I am not gonna put pics of that cause it was just abject. Couldn't they have just shaken the bags upside down before putting them up for sale?

If it was any other shop, I would have e-mailed them and asked for a refund. But as Fairy Angel had problems with international customers before and they have threatened to stop selling overseas, I decided to suck it up. Twenty minutes of frenzied cleaning ensued, in which I did not think to do a test patch or anything, I just grabbed a box of disinfectant wipes (which I used in its entirety) and gave those bags the fiercest scrub. I managed to remove most of the dirt and some marks and then in a moment of madness I had a go at those white trimmings. You know how these tend to curl up after a long use? Not only I managed to whiten them up a bit, I used my hair straighteners on them (at a ridiculous high setting, I still don't know how I did not burn them in my rage) and I have to say, after I finished I was pleased with the results:

I am happy with the bags NOW, after I scrubbed them to within an inch of their lives, but I don't think I will shop from Fairy Angel again. Maybe if something was ranked SS (New with tags) I would consider it, but the fact that I cannot trust their ranking system and the knowledge that they may describe something as "as new" when it is obviously used and shows damage makes me uneasy. I think I will stick to the sales comm and Closet Child from now on :)

Anyway, I think that is long enough, sooo... thanks for reading and have a good day!

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