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Fanime Fashion Show & Panel, looking for models

I'm very excited to let everyone know that hellodolly & I will be hosting an intro to lolita panel at Fanime. It will be all about what is and isn't lolita but most of it will be a super awesome fashion show representing all the main substyles of lolita, as well as many of the common trends/popular themes. Keeping with Fanime's "by the fans for the fans" motto we're looking to fill our fashion show with locals (or visitors coming up for the con) from the lolita community.

Crossposted on egl, ca_egl and my personal journal, so sorry if you see it more than once. <3

We're looking for people who are-
*18 or older
*Reliable, please don't volunteer if you're not sure you can make it and if you do volunteer but need to drop out please let us know ASAP so we can fill your spot.
*Free from 5pm-7pm (for the hour long show and an hour of prep before hand)
*Have your own wardrobe (we'll look into pairing up models with borrowed clothes later on if needed)
*Willing to give your real name and cell phone # over PM or email after you've been confirmed so we will have a way to get a hold of you on the day of the event, just in case.

If you'd like to model please respond here or send me a PM with the following info:
#1: Substyle(s) you'd like to wear
#2: Outfit(s) you'd like to wear. Please include a link to the main parts of your outfit- brand's images, your own personal photos, polyvore collages or even poupee girl pages are all fine.
*You'd more than welcome to volunteer for more than one substyle or outfit, the more the better so we can match everyone up with the perfect open slot for them. :)
*Offbrand and homemade items are more than welcomed, even encouraged but please keep in mind that we can only include the best of the best. So make sure you're outfits are well made and true to the lolita image.

The following spots are still available:

1- alanna_lioness
2- belle_sophie
3- lavenderlillies
4- valkyries

1- seikomia
2- carbonidiot
3- chaos_rocker

1- megster1989
2- wonderfinch

1- turbo_san

1- pure_terrorist
2- jobiberry

1- emilie_rainbow



Male style-
Female style-


Kuro & Shiro set


Confirmed models not yet assigned to a substyle, will fill in gaps:

Don't want to model but do want to come watch the show? Great! :)
*You do need to have a Fanime weekend badge or day pass to attend any panels at Fanime
When: Sunday May 30th
Time: 6pm
Where: Fanime Con in San Jose, Panels room 1: Marriot Salons I & II

I know 6pm on Sunday may not be the most convenient time for everyone, especially with the Black & White Ball starting at the same time. Please understand that our number one priority when working with Fanime staff to set up our panel time was to ensure we didn't not overlap any other lolita events happening that weekend, especially those at Oneesan Inc's Fantaisies dans le Monde des Rêves.

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