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IT CAME!!!! Urban Outfitters' Victorian Spectator Boots

I'm sooooo excited! XD  I just had to share my excitement with you all because I felt a few of you might like them ^_^  This is actually my first time posting here :3

About 2 weeks ago, my brother was showing me something he wanted out of an Urban Outfitters magazine.  I don't typically shop with them as I don't have the financial means to, but there are occasions I come across something neat :)  When I began to simply browse the catalog, there they were...and my heart stopped. XD I've seen these style boots before, but none that have appealed to me, but this one did--and I even had recently purchased a vintage sailor dress that was appropriately fitting for it :3  I quickly checked the site and they only had a gray & black version :/ I searched for the ivory version on their site and everywhere else (finally I know what they're called Xp) but no luck ;_; this didn't stop me from contacting them if they would have it restocked.  After 2-3 days of messaging back and forth with them, they had it! *0* and now, here they are in my hands and on my feet XD

The materials of these boots are amazing! 0.0 Canvas, leather, & rubber; even the LACING is leather! Which is quiet a pleasure as we don't often have leather lacing on shoes anymore, and it feels true to the representation of Victorian boots ^.^



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