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Problem with Juliette & Justine order - SOLVED !

Hi girls!

I need the help of someone who is used to order directly from Juliette & Justine Online shop.
I just placed an order, but don't really understand how to send my paiement :-(

As you know, J&J now accept international orders, and there is this fantastic tutorial just here.
BUT, things seem to have changed: The tutorial (that I forgot to look before placing my order) says that J&J doesn't accept paypal...but I've actually checked a paypal box on the paiement page (that was not pictured on the screenshot in the tutorial), and it was even written "only for international customer" just under it.

After what I've gone to a new page where they told me they are going to send a confirmation mail, so I can pay (and the message was in English, amazing!).

At the moment, I received this message:

" 御注文ありがとうございます。
Juliette et Justineです。


Nokturnalclash 様にとってお気に入りの一品となって頂けます様


My random information about adress and order here

" 現時点では、ご注文は確定しておりません。

There is a mail in the signature, so should I send the paiement now on this adress?
Moreover, they told me how much I have to pay for shipping in the same mail, so I would be able to send the right amount?

Or should I wait more, like when you order from Angelic Pretty International Website (after confirmation, you wait for another mail and invoice)?

It would be amazing if someone can answer, because you are my only source of information! :-) And I'm a bit affraid of loosing my money, or making things wrong :-(

Moreover, is it really important if I did not re-write my full adress in  the "large text box", on the paiement page, as it is specified on the tutorial?

Thank you very much for reading me!

I juust received a paypal invoice from J&J, this morning, so this really works :-) Thanks everyone for your kind help! <3
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