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"Price of Beauty" Tokyo Episode Bonus Footage


Edit: www.vh1.com/video/misc/506646/ken-goes-crazy-for-harajuku.jhtml#id=1637326 Here it is.

Comcast's On Demand service has just uploaded the Tokyo episode of Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty, and, as with every episode, they also give the option to see bonus footage. I am not sure if this specific footage is available anywhere else, but to summarize, the clip features Jessica and Cacee being shuffled into the AP dressing area while guy pal Ken Paves eats candy, drops it on merchandise, hits on the salesgirl, and spouts more of the stupid/offensive remarks that the Jessica trio is known for. A sample of these include:

"I'm a Harajuku boy!"
"Does it usually take this long to become a Harajuku?"
To sales girl: "What's your sign? I'm a leo."
Sales girl: "...Sign? I'm a capricorn..."
Ken: (sings a little song, sales girl rolls eyes) "What's your favorite color?"
Sales girl: "Umm..."
Ken: "Do you enjoy long walks on the beach?"
Sales girl: "Okay..."

I'm just really perplexed on how anyone can "become a Harajuku", regardless of the amount of time consumed. It's not a feat I've known anyone to have, and Jessica and Cacee's wonky petticoat disasters ("Wow, it's a DOUBLE petticoat!") certainly didn't prove me wrong.

Thoughts? Opinions? I apologize if this has already been addressed.


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