Leigha (annonnie_mighty) wrote in egl,

SHEER BLOUSES in outfits (pictures please)

I am looking for photos of outfits that incorporate sheer blouses.  preferably short sleeve blouses Casual lolita, mori-girl, or just lolita inspired would be wonderful.  I have a few sheer blouses in my wardrobe (like this but short sleeved http://elizabethleifer.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/img_4074.jpg) Despite living in cold weather, i cannot for the life of me layer clothing and so I am looking for inspiration.

I know sheer blouses in lolita can be somewhat controversial, and I'm open to discussion about it, but I do think it can be done rather well, I just never saved any of the pictures to reference now.  Thank you in advance for your input, pictures, links, etc.

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