that girl.... (vulgar_bunnies) wrote in egl,
that girl....

New Community!

Specifically for Bodyline, since all other brands have their comms, we can't leave out Bodyline! It's called bodyline_love.

This community is for anything Bodyline related: reviews, requests, WTB posts (no sales, only WTB), site updates, questions, anything really ^^ But the main reason for creating this community is to have an organized place to look for reviews, since BL's quality and size is iffy from item to item. Cross-posting reviews from egl to bodyline_love is A-okay!, too!

So let's get posting!

PS, I'm looking for another mod or two, to help with tagging entries and small stuff like that!

Posted with permission from xelyna and colortheory (Sorry! I didn't mean to ask you both, I thought I couldn't remember how to spell your username but apparently I did ^^;;)
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